Attempt our unique, challenging, family-friendly, clue-finding, puzzle-solving, riddle-deciphering, room-sized games!


 "Gamers Gold!"

gamer's gold


Our clever Gamer has hidden a sweet stash of "gold" somewhere in her gameroom.  You will have to work together as a team to beat all the levels of puzzles, gizmos, and gadgets in the style of a classic video game, before facing her "boss" level.  Teams ranging in age from 8 to 86 have had fun racing the clock to find and unlock her "gold"!   These rooms are designed to challenge adults so don't think they are just for the kiddos.  If a young team (under 13) wants to attempt this room at least one adult will need to accompany them.  Warning:  a laser grid in a fog filled room will have to be navigated "mission impossible" style in order to find "Gamer's Gold!"  About 85% of teams successfully find and unlock  the treasure.  The current record time is 38m15s!


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We are celebrating 20 years in downtown Mitchell with these ESCAPE ROOM Fundraisers!

Escape rooms are fun, challenging, memory-making adventures that have become popular in larger cities.  They are like a timed obstacle course for your brain.  You can enjoy two completely original games right here in Mitchell!  You would have to drive for at least an hour and pay 2-3 times as much for similar "escape" experiences.  Although the generic term "escape room" might stir up ideas of being trapped or handcuffed or being scary or spooky, our rooms are NOT!  We have designed fun family-friendly, room-sized games that should be a good puzzle solving challenge for all ages.

 Team up with family, friends, classmates, co-workers, or anyone to test your puzzle solving skills and see if you can unravel our paradox or find the hidden "gold" in less than an hour.  You will need to work together as a team and act quickly if you hope to find the clues, solve the riddles, and piece together the puzzles.  Book your escape today! 


Each room is designed to challenge teams of 2-8 people at a time.

Booking is being handled online by clicking the button above.

If you prefer to book your escape in person, contact us for the details.

Custom dates and times may be available upon request.


We can host larger groups by splitting into teams and taking turns.  While one team makes their attempt, the other teams can enjoy the use of our center filled with free-play video games, board games, game tables, musical instruments and more!  We have hosted groups as large as 50 people.  Feel free to contact us about the details!


With a few minor changes, our rooms can be a great team-building activity for offices and co-workers.  Let us know that this is your goal and we can have a great experience ready for your group.


All funds raised will benefit that place for teens and will allow your team to help us continue to provide a fun place for area teens on the weekends!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!



"The Portico Paradox"

**The Paradox is no longer available!  Watch for a new room coming soon!**


 Escape Room

Curious minds will be challenged to work together as a team to discover clues, decipher messages, solve puzzles, and be willing to see things in a different light, as you discover a powerful paradox that will unlock your escape!  This game is best suited for adults and teens 13 years and older who love a good challenge.  About 20% of teams successfully unlock the paradox in 60 minutes or less.  The current record time is 53m09s!    If you make your best attempt and still come up a bit short we will help you find what you missed so you too can discover all the secrets of "The Portico Paradox"